Google account recovery with security question

 A simple and Quick process of Google account recovery with security question

Google account offers several ways to recover the account, but it all relies on you which one is more convenient for you. Now if you are looking to recover it with the help of security questions then we must know the importance of this part of the recovery and its answers are the ones that were set at the time of registration of Email account. So, you must know the answers so that you can type it correctly in the Google account recovery process.

Follow these simple steps to recover the Google account.

These potentials points are easy to follow and simple to understand so that one can easily get back to their Google account by following the recovery process.

First, you are required to go to the Google Login page.
Following above, now click on the forgot password option.
Now enter the last password you remember in the shown field and Tap Next.
Now choose the option to recover account with the help of security questions.
Following above, now answer all the security questions.
Once all the answer gets verified, the user will get access to the password reset
In the next move, enter the details of the new password of the Google account and confirm the same.
Now save the changes.
Besides, above if you are looking to know more in-depth or clear solution about the Google account recovery process, you can call directly to the customer support team to solve all the queries related to the account.